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Uninterruptible power supply systems have become increasingly common for business, home security and computing applications where losses of data due to power interruptions could cost thousands of dollars, compromised data or losses of long-term customers. UPS battery arrays can power anything from emergency lighting to full-service data centers. The best batteries for providing uninterrupted power offer reliability, longevity, safety, consistency and affordability. UPS Battery Back-up Systems UPS systems provide nearly...
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Ridley Park, PA, (October 23, 2014) – Sure Power, business partners, township officials and neighbors celebrated the official opening of Sure Power’s new headquarters at 200 Industrial Highway, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania on October 23, 2014 at 10am. The 43,000 square foot building is designed to achieve greater efficiencies and room for growth across the company. This year, the company also celebrates its 20th anniversary. “Our new headquarters will allow us...
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All batteries, even rechargeable ones, stop working eventually. When a battery is no longer doing its job, there is only one thing to do: recycle. A closer look at how batteries work, as well as what happens to them when they are recycled, helps us to understand why this step is so crucial. Why Lead-Acid Batteries Stop Working All rechargeable batteries work by producing chemical reactions, and each new charge...
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Batteries have been around since the 19th century, when John Daniell invented the wet-cell battery. Daniell would likely be startled by the variety and sophistication of batteries in our day. Rechargeable batteries were one big step forward. The two incarnations therein – flooded and sealed rechargeable batteries – both have their advantages in applications ranging from vehicles to power supply grids. About Rechargeable Lead-Acid Batteries Rechargeable batteries were invented just...
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Battery room hazards include; electrical, chemical, fire, respiratory, ergonomic, and sheer weight of the battery jars.  Addressing each of these concerns is critical to battery room safety.  In-house maintenance personnel, AC electricians and fly-by-night battery installers often do not have the training, experience, and correct tools to work with these systems according to published battery room safety standards.  It is for this reason that using a professional company that specializes...
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