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Are You at Risk for These Leading Causes of UPS Power Failure?

The purpose of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is to keep critical and noncritical equipment constantly powered by a flow of electricity even if the main power supply goes down. Having a UPS in place is critical for any company or individual who has extensive electronic equipment and cannot afford a moment of downtime. What Can Cause […]

You’re Killing Your Computer

Storms are a common cause of computer component failure, but even a simple power outage can have a detrimental effect on your machine. Adding a UPS device to your setup offers extra protection against potential power problems. What is a UPS? Short for uninterruptible power supply, a UPS offers emergency backup power to your computer […]

Battery Powered: What Batteries are Best for Your UPS?

Uninterruptible power supply systems have become increasingly common for business, home security and computing applications where losses of data due to power interruptions could cost thousands of dollars, compromised data or losses of long-term customers. UPS battery arrays can power anything from emergency lighting to full-service data centers. The best batteries for providing uninterrupted power […]

Sure Power, Inc. Opens New Headquarters in Ridley Park

Ridley Park, PA, (October 23, 2014) – Sure Power, business partners, township officials and neighbors celebrated the official opening of Sure Power’s new headquarters at 200 Industrial Highway, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania on October 23, 2014 at 10am. The 43,000 square foot building is designed to achieve greater efficiencies and room for growth across the company. […]

Flooded vs. Sealed Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries have been around since the 19th century, when John Daniell invented the wet-cell battery. Daniell would likely be startled by the variety and sophistication of batteries in our day. Rechargeable batteries were one big step forward. The two incarnations therein – flooded and sealed rechargeable batteries – both have their advantages in applications ranging […]

Working Safely In Battery Rooms

Battery room hazards include; electrical, chemical, fire, respiratory, ergonomic, and sheer weight of the battery jars.  Addressing each of these concerns is critical to battery room safety.  In-house maintenance personnel, AC electricians and fly-by-night battery installers often do not have the training, experience, and correct tools to work with these systems according to published battery […]

What is Thermal Runaway?

Thermal Runaway occurs most often in a valve regulated acid (VRLA) battery when the rate of internal heat generation exceeds the rate at which the heat can be expelled. If this condition continues for an extended period, the VRLA battery temperature will increase until the cells dry out and the container softens, breaks and melts. […]

Front Terminal Battery Replacement: A Case Study

When battery manufacturer Power Battery became defunct in 2011, it created a large void in the front terminal battery replacement business. Power Battery’s SLF12-205 and SLF12-250 ratings far surpassed any competition at the time. Recently, EnerSys came out with a replacement for the SLF line, the EnerSys version is the 12HX680F-FR. A valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) […]

The Factors That Impact UPS Battery Life

[bra_blockquote align=”right”] Lead acid batteries are designed to deliver a maximum number of discharge/recharge cycles before reaching end of life at which point the battery must be replaced. [/bra_blockquote][bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]B[/bra_dropcaps]atteries have a limited service life, usually showing a slow decline in capacity until they reach approximately 80 percent of their original rated capacity, which is […]